I\’m on My Knees!

Diego arrived this morning with Oscar at 9am, having phoned to say they had been delayed on the Autopista. By this time I had already walked the dogs, had breakfast and been working for two hours. We dug the outside of the septic trap, and found the pipe about 1.5m down, Diego Oscar Unfortunately thereContinue reading “I\’m on My Knees!”

Thank Goodness for Diego!

This morning, I had all the plumbing fittings ready for Diego\’s arrival, and ready to cut the pipes for a by-pass. However firstly we had to ensure that the rainwater downpipe went into the pipe to the Brook, so Diego cut a hole in the pipe, and we filled the watering can ready, then IContinue reading “Thank Goodness for Diego!”

This is getting boring!

After all the work trying to resolve the problem with the septic trap…I haven\’t, we worked out that what we thought was fat, isn\’t, it is soap, probably from the washing machine, after a number of flushes, we cleared the blockage completely, but that doesn\’t repair the leak. Yesterday afternoon, I dug under my newContinue reading “This is getting boring!”

Little by Little!

If you are fed up of reading about Septic tanks, now is the time to move on, I\’m certainly fed up of working on them…lol This morning I was up at 5.45am, I wanted to work before the sun came out. I took the dogs for their walk, I would have had no peace ifContinue reading “Little by Little!”

Wishful Thinking!

I guess that it was too much to hope for that our work yesterday would resolve the problem, unfortunately it hasn\’t, which leaves me with two possibilities: 1. The problem is with the base of the septic trap, and it needs a new concrete liningor2. There is a leak in the pipe between the trapContinue reading “Wishful Thinking!”


Last night we went out for a lovely meal at a Mexican Restaurant in Bello \’Guadalupe\’ We had reserved a table for 5pm when they open, which is when this photo was taken, and why it is relatively empty, people are pouring in behind me. Suffice it to say, we had a lovely meal, andContinue reading “Knackered!”