This morning, the Security Camera Engineer was supposed to arrive to replace a dead camera, so first thing, I messaged him to confirm that a) he was coming and b) would it be morningĀ  or afternoon. As you will know by now, I have got used to him not turning up, or changing the dayContinue reading “Predictable!”

Par for The Course…

This morning was gardening time, I started by weeding all behind the Gazebo, then pruned the orange trees and the Peach, cutting up and bagging all the trimmings. I had messaged the security camera Company, who had said they would be coming this afternoon, but par for the course they rang at lunchtime to sayContinue reading “Par for The Course…”

Upgrading Security!

Two nights ago, the new security camera started playing up, it has been and continues to be fine during the day, but when it comes to night time and it relies on the infra-red leds it has struggled. As a result the Company that installed it came out yesterday, and decided that there is notContinue reading “Upgrading Security!”

Short Update

Nothing much to report, I have been making the most of the good weather during the mornings to get a bit done, before the storms roll in during the afternoon, but this means the project is falling behind, and will probably continue to do so until next week. I think I am going to haveContinue reading “Short Update”

It\’s a Bit Wet!

Sometimes, I don\’t want to mix topics in the same post, so it makes sense to double up, and that\’s what I am doing today. Many people ask how I feel about living out of an urban area, and half way up a mountain, the answer most of the time is \’Great!\’, but there areContinue reading “It\’s a Bit Wet!”

Security Issues and More Work on the Desk

It never rains but when it pours! yesterday late afternoon I was going to check the security camera recordings to look for a thief in the area, when it froze and then blank, so we contacted the lad who installed the system, and asked for an emergency call out. Sure enough, he came an hourContinue reading “Security Issues and More Work on the Desk”