Long May It Continue

This has to be too good to be true… Yesterday the renters arrived in the Finca de Recreo alongside us, and it was obviously going to be one hell of a bash, they put up screening at the back so we couldn\’t see, well it certainly wasn\’t to block out the noise! Then the partyContinue reading “Long May It Continue”

Noisy Week-End

We are both knackered this morning, there are people in the Finca de Recreo alongside us, and our walls were rattling all night!  Marcela spoke with the Police at 11.30pm, asking if they would visit at some time when in the area, she also sent a message to the Secretaría de Gobierno de Copacabana, butContinue reading “Noisy Week-End”

Under the Weather

As I have mentioned previously, with the arrival of summer everyone seemed to go down with a 48hr flu virus, but true to form, I got it as everyone else was recovering, unfortunately that then triggered bronchitis, which I suffer from, from time to time, and I can\’t shake it off, one minute I thinkContinue reading “Under the Weather”

Trouble Edging Closer!

On Thursday night, Marcela and I went to a Public Meeting, in a neighbouring Vereda, regarding the violence that is escalating in the Community, the Meeting was supposed to be chaired by the local Commandant of the Policía Nacional de Colombia, and the Town Hall\’s Secretaría de Gobierno de Copacabana, but neither attended, instead weContinue reading “Trouble Edging Closer!”

This is getting boring!

After all the work trying to resolve the problem with the septic trap…I haven\’t, we worked out that what we thought was fat, isn\’t, it is soap, probably from the washing machine, after a number of flushes, we cleared the blockage completely, but that doesn\’t repair the leak. Yesterday afternoon, I dug under my newContinue reading “This is getting boring!”