Work Continues

Having stood to restore the hand plane, I decided I could at least continue with varnishing the chairs, so using my two saw-horses and a piece of sheet timber I had, I created a mid height table, and got to work. I managed to get another two chairs varnished before the sponge I had, disintegrated,Continue reading “Work Continues”

Honest…I did make two!

Because in my last post, I only showed one saw-horse, I have been asked if I did make two, the answer to that is yes, I just hadn\’t finished it off, However now I have ┬ácut two removable top rails from mahogany, so they will last longer, and added the rope stretcher. In the photo,Continue reading “Honest…I did make two!”

Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem

One of my biggest headaches, is cutting down plywood sheets, most of the time when I go to Homecenter, I ask them to be cut, and I will get some feeble response that they are too busy, but will have it ready for tomorrow, I am certainly not making two trips, with time, petrol andContinue reading “Simple Solution to a Bigger Problem”