Still Sanding!

This morning, was spent sanding, using the orbital sander, my sanding blocks, the tube, and just hand sanding some of the finer profile. I managed to sand everything with 100 and 200 grit, it is becoming silky smooth but still someway to go. I have decided that nothing lost in some experimentation, in hiding theContinue reading “Still Sanding!”

Simple Sanding Blocks

Well they would have been simple if I hadn\’t decapitated my fingers!!! 🙂 I started off with two lengths of scrap 2×4 each measuring 11\” long on the table saw. Why 11\”?  well standard sandpaper sheets are 11\”, it is my intention to use a 1/4 sheet on each block, and eventually these 11\” blocksContinue reading “Simple Sanding Blocks”