Bye Bye Baby!

Yesterday, I finally said good bye to my Montero with some sadness, yes over the last four years she has cost me some money, but considering she was 23 years old, I had developed an affection for her…don\’t tell Marcela! I went over to the shop at 9am, and met with the buyer and hisContinue reading “Bye Bye Baby!”

Let Down Again

I am getting seriously worried, I thought I had written about the brushcutter saga, but I can\’t find it, so I\’ll start again, if I have posted earlier, then I apologise! Last week my brushcutter finally gave up the ghost, it could probably have been fixed, but being a Chinese copy, that is continually inContinue reading “Let Down Again”

Keeping busy!

Yesterday, I went to try and get my air conditioning working in the Montero, but although I found the workshop in Bello, it was obviously busy, and there was nowhere nearby to park, to make enquiries, so gave it up as a bad job, whilst doing so, I realised that the recently repaired broken tooth,Continue reading “Keeping busy!”

They must think I\’m made of Money!

Yesterday, I spent running around, firstly I went to Migración Colombia in Medellin, and collected my required certificate, that was pretty straight forward. Then I stopped in San Juan to do some shopping, before heading to the Mother-in-laws house to do running repairs. I think destruction runs in the family… firstly I had to replaceContinue reading “They must think I\’m made of Money!”

Long Day!

Maybe Pépe borrowing my chair at night, isn\’t such a bad idea, that is two mornings on the run, I have been allowed to sleep until 7am, and then I was up before him! Marcela and I headed off just before 10am, and went to Bello, for Marcela to obtain some official documents,  I hadContinue reading “Long Day!”

More ups and downs

To follow up from the last post, the following morning we called on Ruben and true to his word, he had welded up all the bits for us, it wasn\’t free, but it was as cheap as chips, so no complaints. From there we went on to San Juan, the idea being to get anotherContinue reading “More ups and downs”