End of an Era

 Last week I realised that the revision tecnico, equivalent to the UK\’s MOT on my Royal Enfield had run out the previous Sunday, So Wednesday being my day of freedom, I was outside the MOT Centre at 7am I was never in any doubt, but it passed with flying colours, however not without incident, becauseContinue reading “End of an Era”

End of Yet Another Chapter

We had a lovely eight days away in the Dominican Republic, the Resort ( I would not describe it as a Hotel, as it is laid out in buildings over a large area) was up to scratch and more, contrary to many of the reviews we had read. We arrived home on Monday evening, andContinue reading “End of Yet Another Chapter”

Car Trouble!

It\’s been an expensive couple of weeks, I think my luck with cars has to change sometime before I leave this world, but there is no sign of it at the moment. The lad that sold us the X-Trail, was a damn good second hand car salesman, and the Company that did the independent inspectionContinue reading “Car Trouble!”

Weekly Update

On Wednesday the Father-in-law arrived for Christmas and New Year, he came early, because he had a specialist appointment for his eyes, yesterday, I didn\’t understand the full outcome, but it appears that he may have glaucoma, and is losing the sight of at least one eye…that sucks. However he is not my favourite manContinue reading “Weekly Update”

You Learn Something Knew Every Day!

I decided yesterday that this morning I would be up bright and early and take the Enfield down for a full service, in preparation for that, I pulled the bike out to check it\’s tyre pressures, only to find the rear tyre had a puncture. This is certainly one downside to the Royal Enfield, asContinue reading “You Learn Something Knew Every Day!”

Fingers Crossed!

Yesterday, Marcela received a call from a man interested in buying her Logan, he then went to have a look and a price was agreed, subject to an official inspection today. Marcela will go with the man, when she finishes work, into the City to have the inspection, if everything is OK, which it shouldContinue reading “Fingers Crossed!”