Router Table Version No.3 !!!!!

Third time lucky I hope! I decided that although I use my router regularly,  I don\’t do anything complicated, so a simple router table that can be packed away after use is ideal. I have taken an idea from \’poroldchap\’  on Youtube, and made a couple of small changes. The whole unit only comprises ofContinue reading “Router Table Version No.3 !!!!!”

Cutting Circles

It\’s not often I have to cut circles, and when I do, they don\’t normally have to be that precise, but I am making a bench top disc sander, and the backing board need to be 99% circular. I have seen many options for Circle Cutting Jigs, from the very professional, to the quick andContinue reading “Cutting Circles”

Busier week!

There has been a bit more activity this week! Marcela\’s Uncle was great, I had cracked the sump, he also found some unrelated damage under the car, which I suspect was from before our time, he had the lot fixed by Saturday evening, all for 90 quid! Sunday, we went to Medellin to watch theContinue reading “Busier week!”