Good to be Working Again!

Wednesday, I hitched up the trailer, and true to form, the lights weren\’t working, I must have spent half an hour or more trying to resolve the problem, usually it\’s the earth wire, but not this time. I decided to take the risk, if I was stopped by Transito (Traffic Police), it could end upContinue reading “Good to be Working Again!”

Getting There!

The bronchitis is clearing slowly, too slowly for my patience, but I should be grateful it was not worse. Today was the day I had to attend the Inspección de la Policía in the Town Hall, for the \’audiencía\’ (interview) along with the neighbour, over their allegation that I had phoned complaining about their parking.Continue reading “Getting There!”

Another job completed!

The new building alongside us is nearly finished, The law states that windows within 3m of your fence line have to be fitted with obscure glass, they can open for air, but not have line of sight, unless they are 1.6m above floor level, this left us with a dilemma because although there is noContinue reading “Another job completed!”