No work today!

It has been a bit hit and miss today, we had to be out by 9am, Pépe had an appointment at the Peluquería, and the Vet (same place) at 9.30am. Before leaving Marcela was on the phone to SURA, our Health Provider, because they have finally agreed to allow me to have the complimentary coverContinue reading “No work today!”

Quite a bit done today!

Yesterday, we went up to Girardota to start transferring the bills over into our name, and this time some will be in mine, because at the moment, I don\’t have a credit rating, because nothing is in my name, not that I am bothered, because I have no wish to use Credit, but there areContinue reading “Quite a bit done today!”

What a couple of Days!

It has been a couple of days of ups and downs, yesterday we heard from John (Builder) that the neighbour had point blank refused access to the property to do the work needed to stop our house suffering from damp, therefore we went up and Marcela went next door, but Juan said his mother hadContinue reading “What a couple of Days!”

Another busy day on the Bike!

What a day!  we were out for 8am because the Bike needed oil, and I wasn\’t risking a trip into God\’s country without a top up. That done, we made our way to the house, where John and one of his workers, were already waiting, we handed over the keys, had a quick chat, thenContinue reading “Another busy day on the Bike!”

I need a holiday!

Yesterday, we headed off to Copacabana for 8am, meeting up with the Sellers, at the Notary, within three hours we had signed the compra-venta, and the escritura, then headed back to Bello, and transferred 70% of the asking price, the rest to be paid once the Registro has approved the escritura. In the afternoon, weContinue reading “I need a holiday!”

Spanish Update

The situation in Spain seems to be never ending, I have had a lengthy update today, and now it looks as if it will be mid September before the sale goes through. There are two versions of the new Deeds/Escritura , one has been lodged with Registro, and the other has to go to theContinue reading “Spanish Update”