Where have I been?

Sorry Folks, but between work and and bout of illness, I just haven\’t been able to get at my Blog. Jaime and the team finished the security fencing, by installing all the razor wire, they then moved on the the gate pillars There was one more section to be added, which they have now done,Continue reading “Where have I been?”

Security Fencing almost Complete

For the past two days, we have been a man short, whilst Yeison was sent to sort out an emergency repair, Jaime and Duber have been getting on with the welding,  Cristian and Jorge, have been tidying up the landscaping around the fence line, as a result it is now looking great… The fencing itselfContinue reading “Security Fencing almost Complete”

Builders Merchants

Tuesday was my day of freedom, so I took the trailer and bought 20 wooden posts, I bought the cheapest they had as they wont be on view, and are only to hold up the barbed wire between us and the neighbours. Back home the Team, helped my unload them, then I got to workContinue reading “Builders Merchants”

A Little Diversion!

There has been something worrying me for some time, in fact I think I mentioned it when erecting the razor wire, and that is, when the men working for Public Utilities wanted access to the cables on the pole outside our fence, they would use a stepladder to stand on top of our fence toContinue reading “A Little Diversion!”

A Full Days Work!

That makes a change, no time for a siesta today, despite the heat.  I had always vowed that whatever security I installed it would not include Razor Wire, it would be like living in a prison, however with the changes going on up here on the mountain, I have changed my mind. There is aContinue reading “A Full Days Work!”

Major Project in the Pipeline

Our neighbours have decided to sell, their finca is falling down, and they do not have the money to rebuild. This is the view we have at the moment over their finca And this is the view we have beyond To me this is something special, however we have been told that the prospective buyerContinue reading “Major Project in the Pipeline”

Bike only for the time being.

Yesterday, Marcela arranged for our Urbanisation Swimming Pool Cleaner, to meet up with us, and go to see our Pool, the idea being, he would set it all up for us, and give Marcela lessons in maintenance. So late morning we set off, and went shopping to buy cleaning materials etc. for the house, weContinue reading “Bike only for the time being.”