Life Goes On

This has turned into a house of bad luck! the problems continue… On Wednesday morning, I went for my appointment with a Psychiatrist, he believes that my memory problem is caused by depression, brought on by our current problems, if he is right, then all should come right, when we move, we now have anContinue reading “Life Goes On”

Good News and Bad

On Wednesday I went to collect the result of my brain scan, it was good news…I have got one! no seriously, they stated that everything was normal, so I guess I can be thankful for that. Yesterday, I was up at 5am again, and down at the Medical Center at 6am for blood and urineContinue reading “Good News and Bad”

Summer\’s Back!

There are times that I don\’t envy people having to work, and today was one of them, it has been an absolute scorcher. I started the day but doing the usual chores, then nipped down town, and did the shopping. On my return it was time to get stuck in to some work, weed killing,Continue reading “Summer\’s Back!”

The Medical rounds Start Again!

This morning we were up at 5am, I had a Doctor\’s appointment at 6.40am, and Marcela wanted to go with me, to ensure both the Doc and I understood the current problems. As normal the Doc was running late, and I didn\’t get in until after 7am, he seemed a bit concerned that my  shortContinue reading “The Medical rounds Start Again!”