What is the Future for Colombia?

With the first round of the Presidential Election tomorrow, there appear to be three main Contenders: 1.Gustavo Petro  2. Ivan Duque 3. Sergio Fajardo The problem isn\’t trying to decide who is the best to take on the mantel of President, it is a case of deciding who is the best of a bad bunch.Continue reading “What is the Future for Colombia?”

Keeping Busy!

The last couple of days, are a bit of a blur, so I hope I have got my facts right, but I\’m not guaranteeing it! On Sunday, Marcela went to vote in the Presidential Elections, unfortunately there will now be a second vote, but that will take place whilst we are in the UK, soContinue reading “Keeping Busy!”

Wasted Day!

Set the alarm for 5.30am to walk Pépe, but true to form I was awake 20 minutes earlier, 6am I woke Marcela, and she set off in the car, I followed on the bike, we left the car with Umberto to have the tow bar fitted, and went for an empanada and tinto, before headingContinue reading “Wasted Day!”