No end in Sight, but better news!

I had a long conversation with Christopher Mallock this afternoon, he received his Power of Attorney today, and had a meeting with the Buyers, contrary to earlier reports, they have not had their formal mortgage offer, it is a case of the Manager of Caja Granada stating this that is what will be offered, followingContinue reading “No end in Sight, but better news!”

News update!

I have received an email from Spain this morning, leaving me with mixed emotions, apparently the Mother of the Buyers went into the Bank yesterday and tore a strip off the Bank Manager, as a result the Bank have made their decision, they are only offering 80% mortgages due to the financial crisis, but JoséContinue reading “News update!”


The problems continue, in as much as the Bank in Spain are saying they don\’t accept Fax to authorise transfers, it does make you wonder how Businesses arrange a transfer, they can\’t all queue up in the Bank!! The Apostille arrived yesterday morning for the Power of Attorney, that was very fast! so it wasContinue reading “Frustrating…”

Is it any wonder Spain is going down the pan!

The Buyers Bank are playing silly Buggers!! They have now said, there will be no problem with the mortgage, however the delay is down to the Bank amalgamation with two other Banks, and they are still finding their feet… that was over 12 months ago, no wonder Spain is in such a bloody mess! Well,Continue reading “Is it any wonder Spain is going down the pan!”

A Bit of Good News!

Fortunately Christopher Mallock has agreed to come on board, to fill in whilst Mr. R is away, so there will be someone in Spain who can sign at the Notary when the sale is ready to go ahead. I can\’t see it happening before Friday, so I am off to the local Notary on MondayContinue reading “A Bit of Good News!”


Still no decision has been made, my Representative ( Lets\’ call him Mr.R in future!) had a meeting with the Bank Manager late this morning, and he has said he will contact the Department dealing first thing on Monday morning, he believes it has been left to be a December issue mortgage, but once onContinue reading “Bummer!!!”

Still no news!

Sunday we went out for a trip to look at more Towns, this time Marinilla and La Ceja, south east of Medellin, you can see the write up on the \’Towns and Villages\’ page! It was nice to have a day away from the apartment, Marinilla is definitely in the running as far as houseContinue reading “Still no news!”

Where is that damn Spider?

Having done a couple of interim Posts, there is not much to report today, my Post on passing my time, was done with an ulterior motive, because the photo editting software I was talking about, gave me the opportunity to have a free licence, if I included details of it in my Blog, and IContinue reading “Where is that damn Spider?”

New Eyes!!

Another week bites the dust! I forgot to mention last week, that I had been to see the Optician, £6 for a test, and we think that is waived if you buy Specs, and I have. My eyesight has changed enough, possibly due to the change in my Blood Pressure medication, that the Optician thinksContinue reading “New Eyes!!”