Oh Dear!

Well that\’s another week-end we are glad to see the back of! No help whatsoever from the Alcaldía de Copacabana, or the Policía Nacional to control the noise from the Finca de Recreo. The Alcalde / Mayor moved the Fiestas de Naranja from the end of the year to July yet again to avoid theContinue reading “Oh Dear!”

Local Excitement

Goodness me, the Authorities have finally found their way to our area! On Wednesday, Transito (Municipal unarmed Traffic Police) were outside, trying to sort out the parking problems, caused by neighbours,  not very well I might add, they need lessons in parking themselves, as their pick-up was parked about a meter from the kerb, andContinue reading “Local Excitement”

The Battle Begins!

It seems we have a long way to go before the Colombian culture is going to change wholesale. I stated in a recent post that Marcela had talked with the Administrator of the Finca alongside us, and he had said that in the New Year the Family intended to move in, so there would beContinue reading “The Battle Begins!”