Trouble Edging Closer!

On Thursday night, Marcela and I went to a Public Meeting, in a neighbouring Vereda, regarding the violence that is escalating in the Community, the Meeting was supposed to be chaired by the local Commandant of the Policía Nacional de Colombia, and the Town Hall\’s Secretaría de Gobierno de Copacabana, but neither attended, instead weContinue reading “Trouble Edging Closer!”

The Colombian Justice System or Lack of it!

There are times when I really despair, I have now lived under three justice systems, obviously the UK, where I worked in it for thirty years, Spain, where I had property for many years, and Colombia.Yes, all the systems have their faults. The UK was suffering from cost cutting, and fast track policing, which inContinue reading “The Colombian Justice System or Lack of it!”

Our Holiday in Cancun

February 17 2018, we were flying to Cancun Mexico, at 5am for our first holiday in four years. We reckoned therefore we should go to bed at 8pm already showered, the night before, as we would have to leave at 1.30am, fine it worked for Marcela, but I just tossed and turned. Once up IContinue reading “Our Holiday in Cancun”