What a Day!

What a day indeed! The music from the Finca de Recreo started about 1pm yesterday, and continued, at the start it was at a reasonable level, but as more people arrived to join the party, the louder it got.I started recording evidence before midnight, and then at midnight we had fireworks, then again at 2amContinue reading “What a Day!”

Hair Raising!

Yesterday, I headed off with Henri and John to Medellin, where John took us to an Electrical Supplier, which supposedly would save me a lot of cash, I am not sure it did, but there was some excitement, John had said this was one of the most dangerous areas of Medellin, and never to strayContinue reading “Hair Raising!”

A Total Bloody Fiasco!!!

I would love to be sitting here saying what a wonderful time we had had at the La Fería de las Flores, but I can’t… it was a total disaster, and again all down to bad organisation. I am sure that most people who attended the Parade of Silleteros had a great time, but trueContinue reading “A Total Bloody Fiasco!!!”

Active Week

My niece, Catherine is seventeen today, and also has her first Driving Lesson booked, Happy Birthday Cath, have a Great Day! love from the both of us, and good luck with the lesson, I hope the town was given plenty of warning! 😀 Pépe has decided it is time to try his luck! after hisContinue reading “Active Week”