Busy Day!

This morning, I attached all the drawer bottoms, using glue and brad nails, if they had been going to take any weight, I would have cut a slot in the sides to take the plywood base, but as it is, this method will be fine. I then sanded the units, again with 80 grit, ontoContinue reading “Busy Day!”

Ready for the next phase!

Today I was off with the trailer again, this time to collect the timber for the bedside tables / night stands, fortunately due the amount of left over pine, from the bed project, I have only had to buy four 3m lengths of 1\” x 8\” and two sheets of 1/4\” plywood. Everyone has someContinue reading “Ready for the next phase!”

Approaching the Moment of Truth

The bed is finished, I completed the varnishing this morning, and because I had over estimated the quantity of varnish needed by about 400%…the base was painted in it to! and to make sure the bed stays in one piece there is also the fifth leg! This will sit in the centre of one ofContinue reading “Approaching the Moment of Truth”