Neighbours… Who would have them!?

Time is marching on, I have a feeling that Jaime is itching to move on from here, I may be wrong, but we are now having to closely monitor the projects, as they move on from one to another, without finishing off, it gets a bit frustrating, as well as difficult to monitor the costs.Continue reading “Neighbours… Who would have them!?”

Love and Loyalty

I\’m all for love, and loyalty, but there are times when that can be taken too far. The local situation here is escalating, and not made any easier by a Government Department cutting corners. During the discussion we had with our \’enimigo\’ the other week, he accused us of having denounced him to Corantioquia forContinue reading “Love and Loyalty”

Some light work!

I had my MRI on ┬ámy knee, and unfortunately the right one is, to put it bluntly, knackered, so I have been put in for an operation, and I am just waiting for a date. This week I went to see a Neurosurgeon regarding my spine problems, he has ruled out surgery for now, heContinue reading “Some light work!”