A Bit of Progress!

I need more exercise, and there was nothing for it, but to bite the bullet and buy a second hand Treadmill. This was the photo advertising it, I was hoping this would be the answer to my problems, but maybe not… day two on the machine, I buggered my knee yet again! I had onlyContinue reading “A Bit of Progress!”

It\’s been a long day…

As usual I was up at 5.30am, with our pesky pet! we went for our walk, it was quite pleasant this morning, fresh, but still T-shirt weather. Once back home, I checked my emails, had my coffee, then went out to start work, firstly it was out into the road, and install more stones alongContinue reading “It\’s been a long day…”

Garden Centre and Planting!

We were out at 8.30am for Marcela\’s Dental appointment, she wasn\’t in there two minutes, and came out saying she had been given a clean bill of health, then later said she had to make an appointment for the hygienist…not quite a clean bill of health then!  My turn tomorrow for the final impression forContinue reading “Garden Centre and Planting!”

That\’s more like it!!

It has been a full day for both of us, Marcela has spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom, I on the other hand, have been doing a variety of tasks. Firstly, I decided that we are due for the inspection of the Septic Tank, in order to get our ten yearContinue reading “That\’s more like it!!”