Ups and Downs

It turned out to be a peaceful week-end, thank goodness, and both In-laws left with Marcela first thing yesterday morning. After they had left, I saw a man climbing the tree the cat had been in, he was armed with a pole and net, it turned out the cat was still there, he managed toContinue reading “Ups and Downs”

Gardening and Electrical Work

I started the day with some gardening, before the sun was high enough to singe my bonce! I cut the azulina and bougainvillea hedge, it has grown fast, at the weekend I will have to cut the other one on the roadside. That done it was time for something a bit petty, but it madeContinue reading “Gardening and Electrical Work”

Not a lot to Report!

Monday, I went over to the Mother-in-Law\’s house and moved her furniture around, so she has a bed downstairs, and she could be on one level. Tuesday I took my Mother-in-Law to Medellin, to have a check up and her stitches out after the surgery, they were pleased with progress, but she is still onContinue reading “Not a lot to Report!”

Going to War?

After things had settled down with our neighbours, it looks as if we are having to resort to legal avenues yet again. Our neighbout Jorge, who had a storeroom, that his family converted into a three storey building, with storeroom below and apartment above, not built to regulation, he was legalising it, we had comeContinue reading “Going to War?”

Blood Pressure Rising!

One of the things that really sends my blood pressure into orbit here in Colombia, is the fact that everybody tells you what you want to hear, not what is reality… I\’m being polite! The neighbours who built the Agricultural and Building Supplies shop and apartment next door, in place of the one storey fincaContinue reading “Blood Pressure Rising!”

Another job completed!

The new building alongside us is nearly finished, The law states that windows within 3m of your fence line have to be fitted with obscure glass, they can open for air, but not have line of sight, unless they are 1.6m above floor level, this left us with a dilemma because although there is noContinue reading “Another job completed!”