Time to Look for Another Car?

Yesterday morning, I was checking the levels in the Nissan X-Trail, when I found oil in the radiator, but no sign of water / refrigerant in the Oil, that put paid to Marcela going to work, which thanks to the Local Authorities had already been mucked up, more on that later. So the car endedContinue reading “Time to Look for Another Car?”

That was Different!

It\’s been a funny few days. The Viewer who was supposed to arrive on Saturday, never made contact, so we wrote him off. On Sunday, I started the morning, by finishing the grouting on the swimming pool, I spent a few hours on three days last week to get it done. It\’s looking quite smartContinue reading “That was Different!”

I\’m Going to Scream…

A while back, I posted that I had received notification that I had been caught violating \’Pico y Placa\’, the law that prohibits the use of vehicles on certain days, depending on the last number of your registration plate, this despite my Montero being exempt due to the gas conversion installed. I went to theContinue reading “I\’m Going to Scream…”

Still Here for a While Longer

After an early rise at 5.30am, I was on the road, making my way to the other side of Medellin for my 3 monthly cancer check up, I didn\’t think I was going to make it, the traffic was horrendous, I think it was people trying to beat the start of Pico y Placa, whereContinue reading “Still Here for a While Longer”