I\’m a Liar!

OK, I said it would be at least the week-end before there was more to report, however after taking the dogs to the Peluquería (hairdresser!) I had time on my hands whilst waiting to collect them, so I came home, and went into the workshop, where my first job was to change the rope stringersContinue reading “I\’m a Liar!”

One Smart Boy!

Pépe had the best haircut he has ever had, and was as good as gold, thank goodness we decided to stick with the second peluqueria! Guapo! They took over two hours, and rang us when he was ready. After collecting him, I hitched up the trailer and went off to the other side of MedellinContinue reading “One Smart Boy!”

It\’s a hard life!

This morning we went down to Copacabana for Marcela\’s 9am nail appointment, I went off to look for a Vet and Peluquería, and within one minute I had succeeded, it was only around the corner!! What was I going to do for the rest of the morning, well firstly I went for a torte deContinue reading “It\’s a hard life!”

No work today!

It has been a bit hit and miss today, we had to be out by 9am, Pépe had an appointment at the Peluquería, and the Vet (same place) at 9.30am. Before leaving Marcela was on the phone to SURA, our Health Provider, because they have finally agreed to allow me to have the complimentary coverContinue reading “No work today!”

Long Days

We have got family coming to stay for Semana Santa next week, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, and we still only have enough furniture for the two of us… So Maria Elena and Sandra will be on the blow up mattresses, not sure yet about Sebast! They will bring their own bedding. I just hopeContinue reading “Long Days”