A Busy Week All Round!

Jaime and his Team have been working flat out this week, in all weathers, from cold and wet, to baking hot. They have finished the fencing down one side And started down the other, which Pepe took great delight, in yet again leaving his mark. The one problem we encountered is the number of oldContinue reading “A Busy Week All Round!”

Down to Work!

Last week my supply of timber arrived, this is to make all the framing for the shelving, in 1) the Pantry 2) The Broom cupboard 3) the Storeroom, and finally 4) the Workshop. Because we have a problem with termites here, I made the decision to buy immunized timber, even for the pantry. I knowContinue reading “Down to Work!”

Plans have Changed

This will be a short update post, the Lads have almost finished grouting the living area, they have just got to finish off the Pantry and Broom cupboard. Unfortunately or otherwise, the Kitchen installer couldn\’t come to start the installation, because he was delayed on another job, due to the inclement weather, hopefully now heContinue reading “Plans have Changed”

Let the Air Flow!

Todays job, was to remedy a problem with our kitchen pantry, it was getting way too hot, and the only way to cool it down was to leave the door open, however, this just brought the temperature down to the same as the kitchen which was still warm. The answer was to buy louvred vents,Continue reading “Let the Air Flow!”

Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because IContinue reading “Thank God that\’s over!”


There was not much to report yesterday, I woke after torrential storms overnight, to find the cover of the swimming pool full of water, so after taking Pépe for his walk, I started bailing out, and after 90 buckets, I decided this was a job for two, so went and woke the swimming pool Caretaker!Continue reading “Rain!!!”

Nice day today!

Had a leisurely get up this morning 6.30am, and that was before Pépe! went for our walk, and there were people already making their way for their various Religious Processions. Coffee, and then the family showed their faces. I was going to shelve out the Pantry today, but changed my mind, there were too manyContinue reading “Nice day today!”

Panic Stations!

What a god awful day!  It started off all right, I was up at 5am to take Pépe out for his walk, and from there it went downhill. I was in the Office, when I heard Pépe retching, he had brought up his breakfast, I just cleaned up, I wasn\’t overly worried, this happens sometimesContinue reading “Panic Stations!”

Coming to the end!

I was thinking this morning about where this Blog was going, the intention was to follow my life as it started and changed, following my move to Colombia. We are now more than two years down the line, and I have finally come to the stage where Marcela and I will be settling down toContinue reading “Coming to the end!”