This morning, the Security Camera Engineer was supposed to arrive to replace a dead camera, so first thing, I messaged him to confirm that a) he was coming and b) would it be morning  or afternoon. As you will know by now, I have got used to him not turning up, or changing the dayContinue reading “Predictable!”

Not off The List Yet

I went for my \’final\’ skin cancer check-up this morning, taking a bottle of Tequila along as a thank you gift for the Specialist, thinking this was my last appointment…wrong! Unfortunately a mark on my back that he has been monitoring for over a year now, appears to have enlarged and changed colour, so heContinue reading “Not off The List Yet”

Still Here for a While Longer

After an early rise at 5.30am, I was on the road, making my way to the other side of Medellin for my 3 monthly cancer check up, I didn\’t think I was going to make it, the traffic was horrendous, I think it was people trying to beat the start of Pico y Placa, whereContinue reading “Still Here for a While Longer”

Which way next?

This morning we were out on the Bike just before 9am, firstly we went and paid the deposit on the Kitchen, moving on from that, we stopped at a metal fabricators, to choose exterior doors. We have decided to stick with metal for the access doors from a security point of view. The main doorstairContinue reading “Which way next?”