Weather changing!

Dull and drizzle started the day, still 22° but felt more like 12°, it was cold! I think President Santos got his facts wrong when he warned us all that El Niño was coming and it would be hot and arid for nine months, it looks as if our second winter is coming as normal,Continue reading “Weather changing!”

Another Quiet Week

The weeks seem to go in dips and surges, there is not a lot to report this week, we called at the Opticians, I think the Optician herself has been trying to make it hard to get the money back, the Receptionist seemed surprised when she looked and the money was not ready for us,Continue reading “Another Quiet Week”

Cedula granted

Marcela was up early this morning, for her 7am is early!! well when I say \’up\’, I woke her with a cup of tea, as we had to be out of the house for 9am, to go to the Ministerio de Migración in Medellin to renew my Cedula (ID Card), we arrived, having crossed theContinue reading “Cedula granted”

Christmas has arrived in Colombia!

I forgot to say in my last Post, that I had been back to the Optician, they are now saying that my frame was too big!!! I decided to give the varifocals one last try, so had to choose another frame, strange how the woman kept coming out with the most expensive options… No luck,Continue reading “Christmas has arrived in Colombia!”

What a week!!

There must be an upside somewhere, but I haven\’t found it yet! On Monday we went to my Bank, to apply for a credit card…Yes… I know that Colombia is tough on all money transactions in a bid to stamp out money laundering, but there are limits!The Advisor, went off with a copy of myContinue reading “What a week!!”

Where is that damn Spider?

Having done a couple of interim Posts, there is not much to report today, my Post on passing my time, was done with an ulterior motive, because the photo editting software I was talking about, gave me the opportunity to have a free licence, if I included details of it in my Blog, and IContinue reading “Where is that damn Spider?”

New Eyes!!

Another week bites the dust! I forgot to mention last week, that I had been to see the Optician, £6 for a test, and we think that is waived if you buy Specs, and I have. My eyesight has changed enough, possibly due to the change in my Blood Pressure medication, that the Optician thinksContinue reading “New Eyes!!”

Relatively quiet this week!!

It has been a bit quieter this week, although there has been a lot of activity between here and Spain and here and the UK, things seem to be moving with regard to the House at last. I had an email to say that the Judge was insisting that all people who have land borderingContinue reading “Relatively quiet this week!!”