It’s been a busy few days, and not with woodwork! I had another appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding my knees and hips, the knees he is happy to continue the existing treatment of nerve block injections, as and when needed, but he was concerned with the deterioration in my hips, which is speeding up.Continue reading “Busy,Busy,Busy!”

On the Final Stretch

Having bought the wood finish yesterday, it was time to get started, and have the wood sealed from the elements, before it starts moving! The colour is Roble or Oak, in a matt finish, which gives the bed a rustic look. I have finished the front and sides of the headboard Also the side panelsContinue reading “On the Final Stretch”

Place Mats / Coasters

A long time ago, I made four place mats for the Dining table, but never got around to making the whole set. My original mats were made of laminated oak, but I always found them to be a bit thick, so as it was time to sand and re-oil them, I decided to run themContinue reading “Place Mats / Coasters”

Tito\’s Table!

I can\’t sit around doing nothing, so this morning decided to do a small project I have been putting off, and that was to make a \’dog table\’ for our second dog, he is a rescue dog, and struggles to eat because of a deformed jaw, due to abuse as a pup, as a resultContinue reading “Tito\’s Table!”

A sign of normality!

This morning I continued what I started just as the light was going, last night,. and that was to put up a number of washing lines in the \’zona de ropa\’, I did this by putting two lengths of galvanized cable from the support posts across to the house wall, using cable stretchers, I managedContinue reading “A sign of normality!”