What a Bummer!

Just before closing time yesterday, the Notary rang Marcela to say we needed another document from the Catastro, but no one seemed to know how to obtain it. We spent the res of the evening, once Marcela was home, researching how to get this document, and then Marcela found we could obtain it online, soContinue reading “What a Bummer!”

\’New\’ Car

Tuesday, I had to be in Medellin for a 7am skin cancer appointment, yet again, I was hoping that I was about to be discharged, but the Dermatologist found that the mole he had been watching has grown, to the size, he can no longer remove it in his Clinic, I am going to haveContinue reading “\’New\’ Car”

Not accomplished much

Yesterday, was  more of a clerical day, we headed off for a 10am appointment at the Notary in Bello, where we met up with Sandra and Sebastian, signed what had to be signed, and then moved on, as Marcela and Sandra had something else to sort out, this took us to the Commercial Centre,  andContinue reading “Not accomplished much”

It\’s getting hotter!

Pépe woke me at 5am, but I was having none of that, I just opened the door to the garden, pulled the dog gate across our bedroom door, and went back to bed, the next thing I knew, it was 6.20am, wonderfull! a lie in. I took Pépe for his walk, the sun was alreadyContinue reading “It\’s getting hotter!”

Another busy day on the Bike!

What a day!  we were out for 8am because the Bike needed oil, and I wasn\’t risking a trip into God\’s country without a top up. That done, we made our way to the house, where John and one of his workers, were already waiting, we handed over the keys, had a quick chat, thenContinue reading “Another busy day on the Bike!”

I need a holiday!

Yesterday, we headed off to Copacabana for 8am, meeting up with the Sellers, at the Notary, within three hours we had signed the compra-venta, and the escritura, then headed back to Bello, and transferred 70% of the asking price, the rest to be paid once the Registro has approved the escritura. In the afternoon, weContinue reading “I need a holiday!”