Time to Look for Another Car?

Yesterday morning, I was checking the levels in the Nissan X-Trail, when I found oil in the radiator, but no sign of water / refrigerant in the Oil, that put paid to Marcela going to work, which thanks to the Local Authorities had already been mucked up, more on that later. So the car endedContinue reading “Time to Look for Another Car?”

Good News For a Change

We had another family come to look at the house on Sunday, lovely family, but a bit dim! they liked the property but wanted more land, now if they had bothered to read the advert before coming, they would have seen exactly the size of the plot, they want to experiment with growing their ownContinue reading “Good News For a Change”

I can turn my hand to most things!

We are still confined to two wheels, I had the indicator repaired on Monday, he replaced all the electrical cables running around the rear mudguard, as they were all damaged, the cost…£5! Marcela contacted her Uncle yesterday, and it turns out that he hasn\’t even started work on the Nissan engine yet, he had toContinue reading “I can turn my hand to most things!”

I Wish I had Good News

I\’ve been putting off posting, because there really hasn\’t been any \’good\’ news to report, the situation with the car seems to have gone from bad to worse, Javier and the Diesel \’expert\’ appear to have had us over a barrel, it appears there was nothing wrong with the old injectors a clean would notContinue reading “I Wish I had Good News”

Car Trouble!

It\’s been an expensive couple of weeks, I think my luck with cars has to change sometime before I leave this world, but there is no sign of it at the moment. The lad that sold us the X-Trail, was a damn good second hand car salesman, and the Company that did the independent inspectionContinue reading “Car Trouble!”