Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!

I started this morning with a trip to Copacabana to get the week-end food in, and the chaos continues as people ready themselves to start the Festival of Oranges this afternoon and all week-end. My earlier comments about a mass piss-up, seem to have been born out When the town hall believes it has toContinue reading “Work Rest and Play…Not Necessarily in That Order!”

Things Change…Not Always For The Better

We eventually got our Security System up and running yesterday, the lad said he was ill on Sunday, so we had to wait, at least now we can see what is happening outside again. I am going to his shop on Wednesday to see an \’improved\’ camera, whereby we can identify registration plates and facesContinue reading “Things Change…Not Always For The Better”

The Battle Begins!

It seems we have a long way to go before the Colombian culture is going to change wholesale. I stated in a recent post that Marcela had talked with the Administrator of the Finca alongside us, and he had said that in the New Year the Family intended to move in, so there would beContinue reading “The Battle Begins!”