A Happy 2014 to Everyone where ever you are!

It is 4.45pm here on New Years Eve and showing 32ºC in the shade, I never thought I would be saying that a few years ago, unless I had been sat in a Sauna!! I was up at my usual time…5.30am, thanks to Pépe, however it was lovely and fresh walking out at that time,Continue reading “A Happy 2014 to Everyone where ever you are!”

Festivities Over!

Now we have Christmas and New Year out of the way, it is time to get back into some sort of normality, and prepare… for next Christmas ha!ha! This morning, I was up at 7.15am, took down all the decorations, boxed them and put them in storage for next year, one of the good thingsContinue reading “Festivities Over!”

Party Time…Again!

Thursday we went into Town, and I bought a small Christmas Cake, not iced, so back home, I prepared the Royal Icing, and iced the cake, there was some left over, so having added colourant, decided to try my hand at decorating, using a plastic sandwich bag and cutting the corner off. As I startedContinue reading “Party Time…Again!”