Neighbours… Who would have them!?

Time is marching on, I have a feeling that Jaime is itching to move on from here, I may be wrong, but we are now having to closely monitor the projects, as they move on from one to another, without finishing off, it gets a bit frustrating, as well as difficult to monitor the costs.Continue reading “Neighbours… Who would have them!?”

All is Revealed!

Don\’t get excited!… it is just a solution to a three year old problem. Unfortunately, our bedroom is at the back of the house overlooking neighbours You can probably just make out the security light fixed to the Palm tree this works on a sensor, and unfortunately they have the light set pointing just underContinue reading “All is Revealed!”

Major Project in the Pipeline

Our neighbours have decided to sell, their finca is falling down, and they do not have the money to rebuild. This is the view we have at the moment over their finca And this is the view we have beyond To me this is something special, however we have been told that the prospective buyerContinue reading “Major Project in the Pipeline”