Now We Are Getting Somewhere…Slowly!

This morning I was up even earlier than usual, Oscar had said he would be arriving early, so I did my usual morning activities, then went to have a closer look at the work, whilst I was alone, I was not happy, the floor is supposed to run from the house out to the fenceContinue reading “Now We Are Getting Somewhere…Slowly!”

A Serious Case of Man Flu!

The last twenty four hours haven\’t been that brilliant, yet another Colombian National Fiesta week-end, there are people at the Finca de Recreo nearest to us. I wouldn\’t mind, but they had the music volume at a considerate level all evening, then when I was ready for bed, they boosted the volume, and it stayedContinue reading “A Serious Case of Man Flu!”

Going to have to work within my limitations!

Just to update you! work has all but come to a halt, I went earlier this week to see my Specialist over a problem with my back which is getting progressively worse, following treatment I had from a Physio earlier this year on my knee…don\’t ask, knee, back, yes I know, but it would takeContinue reading “Going to have to work within my limitations!”

A bit of this and a bit of that…

It was hard for Marcela this morning, she had to be up at 6.30am, to go on a morning course, normally she only knows one 6.30 in the day, and it is not morning! I had already been up for an hour, and taken Pépe for his walk. After Marcela left, I started work, theContinue reading “A bit of this and a bit of that…”