Catch Up…. Part 2

I guess this revolves around my health, I seem to have been spending nearly as much time with Doctors, as I have at home, and that continues for the forseeable future. I had the nerve pain block injections in both knees, and they worked, thank goodness, I have found that they don’t help me walkContinue reading “Catch Up…. Part 2”

What a Month!

I finally finished burning all the timbers for the Bunkbeds, well, the first phase, once they are all cut to size, and holes drilled for the bolts, they will have to be burnt again on the parts cut, this I have already started, but again it will take time, much of which will be doneContinue reading “What a Month!”

It Sounds Like a New Car

On Monday, I took the Montero to Bello and left it with the Mechanic as planned, then went with Marcela to the shop, where, I then borrowed her car for the morning, and headed into the City, to a place that sells cardboard boxes, it was worth the trip, by going there, I bought themContinue reading “It Sounds Like a New Car”

All Quiet

It\’s all quiet on the Western Front, we went to the meeting at the Inspeccion de la Policia, and to \’resolve\’ the problem , they bound everyone over to keep the peace, which is fine by me, but the other family were not so happy, as two of them were there, and they were toldContinue reading “All Quiet”

Some light work!

I had my MRI on  my knee, and unfortunately the right one is, to put it bluntly, knackered, so I have been put in for an operation, and I am just waiting for a date. This week I went to see a Neurosurgeon regarding my spine problems, he has ruled out surgery for now, heContinue reading “Some light work!”

Preparing to finish the Doorway!

Yesterday, I decided that to fill the space above the door, I would build a panel from 2×4, as in all timber this is not the \’real size\’ it is nearer to 3.5cm, or just over 9cm, as the door frame is 10cm, this is ideal. I cut the pieces to length, leaving the smallContinue reading “Preparing to finish the Doorway!”