This is Taking Longer than I Planned

This morning, after taking the dogs for a walk, it was time for work, in case we were blessed with a scorcher later! Firstly, I took the measurements required for the fillet to be inserted in the bottom  of the rotten gazebo post, then before I did anything else, I went and bought ten sacksContinue reading “This is Taking Longer than I Planned”

I\’m a Liar!

OK, I said it would be at least the week-end before there was more to report, however after taking the dogs to the Peluquería (hairdresser!) I had time on my hands whilst waiting to collect them, so I came home, and went into the workshop, where my first job was to change the rope stringersContinue reading “I\’m a Liar!”

Making a Mitre Saw Stop Block

The one thing that annoys me is when cutting small parts, is the need for a mitre saw stop block, which entails finding a piece of scrap wood that will do and then a clamp, so after seeing an item on the internet the other day, decided to make a dedicated stop block.I went outContinue reading “Making a Mitre Saw Stop Block”