Not a lot to Report!

The weather is still up and down,  ranging from tropical sunshine, sweltering without a breeze, to sun with high winds, to torrential rain, it really doesn\’t help when you want to work outside. I have made a start, it doesn\’t seem two and a half years since I rebuilt the kiosko in the garden, butContinue reading “Not a lot to Report!”

They must think I\’m made of Money!

Yesterday, I spent running around, firstly I went to Migración Colombia in Medellin, and collected my required certificate, that was pretty straight forward. Then I stopped in San Juan to do some shopping, before heading to the Mother-in-laws house to do running repairs. I think destruction runs in the family… firstly I had to replaceContinue reading “They must think I\’m made of Money!”

Just a Quick Update

Well it is Sunday!  After a delious English Breakfast, without the fried bread today, we went downhill to meet up with an aquaintance of Marcela, who took us to meet up with the families of the two boys I mentioned on 6 June (entitled, Smile!) regarding their efforts to remove our entrance chain. The familiesContinue reading “Just a Quick Update”


It\’s a great feeling when everything comes together, and there are no googlies thrown into the mix! Yesterday, I went as planned to do my shopping, paid my bills, had lunch, and returned to be met by my neighbour, I wasn\’t 100% sure what he was telling me, because, as in all cases Colombian, whenContinue reading “Smile!”

Here, there, and everywhere!

Yesterday, I spent a few hours painting… white this time, I painted two of the four interior workshop walls twice, first with thin paint, which soon soaked into the render, and when that had dried, I used a good quality paint, and they look good. I had to stop twice, the first time because oneContinue reading “Here, there, and everywhere!”

No work at the house today!

Not much to report today, we planned on leaving the house at 9am, and the man arrived with our security fence for the rear of the house, about 8.20am, he had brought all the materials, so that John\’s men could cement in the posts, and he was returning next week to erect the fence itself,Continue reading “No work at the house today!”