He\’s Pushing His Luck!

It was an early start today, I had to go into the City to collect some medication, they couldn\’t issue locally, I was dreading it, I have had to go there a number of times previously, Colsubsidio at AlmaCentro in Medellin, it was a horrible branch of the Pharmacy, but the main one, it wasContinue reading “He\’s Pushing His Luck!”

Happy Birthday Brother

Before I forget, I will just wish my Brother David a very Happy Birthday, I did phone but he was at work, it will now be over, due to the six hour time difference, but the thought was there. Tuesday, I went for my early medical test, we left on time, but it took longerContinue reading “Happy Birthday Brother”

A bit of this and a bit of that…

It was hard for Marcela this morning, she had to be up at 6.30am, to go on a morning course, normally she only knows one 6.30 in the day, and it is not morning! I had already been up for an hour, and taken Pépe for his walk. After Marcela left, I started work, theContinue reading “A bit of this and a bit of that…”

It\’s a hard life!

This morning we went down to Copacabana for Marcela\’s 9am nail appointment, I went off to look for a Vet and Peluquería, and within one minute I had succeeded, it was only around the corner!! What was I going to do for the rest of the morning, well firstly I went for a torte deContinue reading “It\’s a hard life!”

Slapped Wrist!

I can\’t believe it is four days since my last post, I\’m sorry, but I didn\’t even give it a thought, maybe that is telling me something!! Tuesday, Marcela did her duty with Sebastian, they went to the Zoo, I\’m not sure what type of Zoo it is, but apparently they only have rescued animals,Continue reading “Slapped Wrist!”

Garden Centre and Planting!

We were out at 8.30am for Marcela\’s Dental appointment, she wasn\’t in there two minutes, and came out saying she had been given a clean bill of health, then later said she had to make an appointment for the hygienist…not quite a clean bill of health then!  My turn tomorrow for the final impression forContinue reading “Garden Centre and Planting!”

A long long day!

0530hrs rise, and after the usual morning commitments we were out of the door just after 6.30am, and outside the Medical Center in plenty of time for my appointment, but the place was late opening, and the Doctor didn\’t turn up until 7.20am, they can hardly complain if Patients are late. when they can\’t makeContinue reading “A long long day!”

Workshop nearly there.

We went out for a meal last night, and tried somewhere new, \’Mi Gallo Tuerto\’, it is on the Autopista, and we have to pass it every time we return home, the aromas have always been great, so we gave it a go. The it is worthy of a write up under the Restaurant page,Continue reading “Workshop nearly there.”