Slow and Fast!

This morning I had to go for blood tests, hopefully this will help identify if my hormones are hindering my weight loss. I  knew I was going to be there two hours at least, as the tests are done between 6am and 9am, I also knew I had to be there early. I woke atContinue reading “Slow and Fast!”

A long long day!

0530hrs rise, and after the usual morning commitments we were out of the door just after 6.30am, and outside the Medical Center in plenty of time for my appointment, but the place was late opening, and the Doctor didn\’t turn up until 7.20am, they can hardly complain if Patients are late. when they can\’t makeContinue reading “A long long day!”

Trailer gone, Septic Tank covered!

Well, at least we finally went on the right day, we arrived at the Medical Centre at 8am for the 8.15 appointment to hear them calling my name, not correctly, as usual it was \”Philip Richard\”, Colombians can not understand people who only have one surname, here they all take the name of their FatherContinue reading “Trailer gone, Septic Tank covered!”

More ups and downs

I was shattered before I started, I am not sleeping well at the moment, and I don\’t know why. I finally got up with Pépe at 6am, had my shower, whilst doping that, Pépe woke Marcela, who had not had a good night herself. We arrived at the Medical Centre on time, and saw myContinue reading “More ups and downs”

Panic Stations!

What a god awful day!  It started off all right, I was up at 5am to take Pépe out for his walk, and from there it went downhill. I was in the Office, when I heard Pépe retching, he had brought up his breakfast, I just cleaned up, I wasn\’t overly worried, this happens sometimesContinue reading “Panic Stations!”