Good News and Bad

On Wednesday I went to collect the result of my brain scan, it was good news…I have got one! no seriously, they stated that everything was normal, so I guess I can be thankful for that. Yesterday, I was up at 5am again, and down at the Medical Center at 6am for blood and urineContinue reading “Good News and Bad”


It\’s been an eventful couple of days, with not a lot to show for it. Marcela and I sat down and discussed the subject of adoption, she has decided that she still has much she wants to do, so children are off the agender, for now at least, I have no problem with that anymore,Continue reading “Moving?”

Keeping busy!

Yesterday, I went to try and get my air conditioning working in the Montero, but although I found the workshop in Bello, it was obviously busy, and there was nowhere nearby to park, to make enquiries, so gave it up as a bad job, whilst doing so, I realised that the recently repaired broken tooth,Continue reading “Keeping busy!”

El Niño has arrived!

We had been warned that El Niño was on the way, and it looks as if it arrived this morning, the forecast is for sweltering weather now for nine months… that should be interesting, also a test of my stamina!,To be honest the Valle de La Aburrá, which includes Medellin and district, is warm allContinue reading “El Niño has arrived!”

Hot and Humid!

This morning I started off by laying the first course of brick for Pépe\’s kennel, I\’m not that impressed with Colombian sand, it is very course, or at least, the sand I have here it, which makes it hard to work, I will have to check out the Builders Merchants (Depositos) and see if IContinue reading “Hot and Humid!”

The Medical Process

I drank my half a pint of laxative last night, suffice it to say, I didn\’t get much sleep. This morning we arrived at the Medical Center early as advised, and I was only waiting half an hour, and we were called through. The Radiographer was friendly and efficient, and to my surprise, I wasn\’tContinue reading “The Medical Process”