Continued Lockdown?

Work has continued at a pace this last couple of weeks. We rented scaffolding and as you will see in the following series of photos, the rendering has come on in leaps and bounds, through all weathers. No words needed to explain that, they are just getting on with the job! In the meantime, DubberContinue reading “Continued Lockdown?”

A New Chapter in Our Lives

I have to say, it feels good to be back! I have been revisiting my blog more often recently, and took that as a sign that it was time to get back in the driving seat.We eventually sold the finca in Copacabana at the end of February, unfortunately we had to drop the price considerablyContinue reading “A New Chapter in Our Lives”

Still no news!

Sunday we went out for a trip to look at more Towns, this time Marinilla and La Ceja, south east of Medellin, you can see the write up on the \’Towns and Villages\’ page! It was nice to have a day away from the apartment, Marinilla is definitely in the running as far as houseContinue reading “Still no news!”