Early start!

Yesterday was pretty much a non event, I didn\’t accomplish a lot, but Marcela finished replanting the flowers behind the gazebo, in the piece of garden she has loving de-weeded! Marcela\’s new garden We had to go food shopping in the afternoon, there was nothing left in the cupboard, after the families visit  last thursday!Continue reading “Early start!”

No enthusiasm!

I have top admit to not having done much today… I just couldn\’t summon up much enthusiasm! Mauricio arrived fairly early to cut down the part of the Mango tree, causing problems with the kiosk As you can see, the tree was causing a problem for the kiosk, I suspect from the roof timbers, thatContinue reading “No enthusiasm!”

Things are speeding up!

Yesterday, we had to take the car in to Marcela’s Uncles Garage, and whilst it was there, we went off with the Owner (Don Pedro), of the house in Copacabana, and checked that there was no mortgage, he paid all his bills up to date, and gave us copies, we then went to the NotariesContinue reading “Things are speeding up!”