A Serious Case of Man Flu!

The last twenty four hours haven\’t been that brilliant, yet another Colombian National Fiesta week-end, there are people at the Finca de Recreo nearest to us. I wouldn\’t mind, but they had the music volume at a considerate level all evening, then when I was ready for bed, they boosted the volume, and it stayedContinue reading “A Serious Case of Man Flu!”

Officially moved in!!

I am going to try and keep this post brief, because I am absolutely shattered, so please forgive any mistakes. Saturday came, and we were at the finca early, that is Marcela, Maria Elena, P├ępe and myself, unfortunately I had to leave everyone here, and dash home, I had left my document bag behind, withContinue reading “Officially moved in!!”

Not one of my better days!

I was feeling a bit rough when I arrived at the finca to work this morning, I put it down to a case of man-flu, and battled on. The shower rooms upstairs are a pain in the backside, the entrance to them, is too small for a standard door, and I thought I had resolvedContinue reading “Not one of my better days!”