Keeping busy!

Yesterday, I went to try and get my air conditioning working in the Montero, but although I found the workshop in Bello, it was obviously busy, and there was nowhere nearby to park, to make enquiries, so gave it up as a bad job, whilst doing so, I realised that the recently repaired broken tooth,Continue reading “Keeping busy!”


Yes, my scrapwood challenge yesterday, was to make two mallets from some scrap mahogany I started off by cutting the handles on the bandsaw, because that would determine the size of the holes needed in the mallet head. That done, I moved on to the heads, which I was making from scrap 3\” x 3\”,Continue reading “Mallets!”

Photo Frame Production

Yesterday, I decided to finish the photo frames, that I have been meaning to make for months! I had them prepared from old reclaimed mahogany, the first time, I started on these, I tried to cut the rebate with my router, it was my fault, instead of taking numerous passes, I tried to do itContinue reading “Photo Frame Production”

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

Yesterday, I went over to my Mother-in-Law\’s and finished fixing the trim to the new doorway, that\’s another job off the list, but it added another, because on her landing hangs a mirror! Last year I made a mirror for my Mother-in-Law, using reclaimed mahogany found lying in the garden, but over the year, itContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the Wall!”

Honest…I did make two!

Because in my last post, I only showed one saw-horse, I have been asked if I did make two, the answer to that is yes, I just hadn\’t finished it off, However now I have  cut two removable top rails from mahogany, so they will last longer, and added the rope stretcher. In the photo,Continue reading “Honest…I did make two!”

Bedside Tables…Finished!

I started early today, the first job was preparing the drawer fronts, I decided that because they are recessed it would not have looked right, to route the edges, I sanded them up to 320 grit, then drilled and fitted the handle screws in place. They then had a coat of varnish, and were leftContinue reading “Bedside Tables…Finished!”

I\’ll never live this down!

Having worked all morning, after clearing away lunch, and Marcela leaving for work, I decided to get stuck in again, I made the decision, and went for wooden drawer runners, so firstly I assembled the drawer carcases, there is nothing fancy about them, because they are so small, they are just glued and brad nailed.Continue reading “I\’ll never live this down!”