Fingers Crossed!

Yesterday, Marcela received a call from a man interested in buying her Logan, he then went to have a look and a price was agreed, subject to an official inspection today. Marcela will go with the man, when she finishes work, into the City to have the inspection, if everything is OK, which it shouldContinue reading “Fingers Crossed!”

Back to Normal

It\’s been a funny week, with the Father-in-law here, not that I have seen much of him, as he has been to appointments with Marcela, unfortunately, the eye Specialist confirmed that he has glaucoma, so he has to go on drops, and then come back for more tests, he also had to visit the CatholicContinue reading “Back to Normal”

Life Changing!

I am beginning to like this life, it has been so quiet, without contact from the neighbours, unfortunately that uncertainty about their intent still exists, so we won\’t feel totally safe until we have moved, which looks like it wont be anytime soon. Marcela was contacted on Friday by the Comisionista in Copacabana to sayContinue reading “Life Changing!”

It\’s Been a Quiet Week

The bedlum seems to have died down, thank goodness, so there isn\’t much to report. The Montero is playing up again, I took it to the Mechanic I use, because I was worried about the oil leak from the crankcase, and a noise had developed under the car, so I was thinking maybe the crankshaftContinue reading “It\’s Been a Quiet Week”