Getting There

 Christmas and New Year came and went, as did our Family! and it was time to get stuck into work again, but first it was time to admit that I am another year older, at the time, we had few restrictions, so Marcela took me out for lunch, we went to a Restaurant in Marinilla,Continue reading “Getting There”

Do I Look Like a Fool?

On second thoughts…Don\’t answer that!  I am just frustrated, this virus lockdown, maybe saving lives, although I am beginning to even question that, as we have been in 100% lockdown in Colombia for three months now, and the number of cases has just started to escalate, which seems to indicate that lockdown doesn\’t work, howeverContinue reading “Do I Look Like a Fool?”

Electrical Work

I am happy to undertake most basic electrical work around the house, but what we encountered was just downright dangerous, there were just four fuses covering the whole house, the wiring was suspect, and much of it was in conduit, stuck to the walls in any direction. Jaime brought in his electrician, Wilfer, he knowsContinue reading “Electrical Work”

Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!

Well that\’s not quite true, although I know Marcela would disagree with me, she has been on bottled water since we moved here, but since I mostly drink coffee, my water is heated, and for taking tablets etc. I take the risk. When we moved, we noticed that the water had a yellow tinge toContinue reading “Water Everywhere, but Not a Drop To Drink!”