I\’m Going to Scream…

A while back, I posted that I had received notification that I had been caught violating \’Pico y Placa\’, the law that prohibits the use of vehicles on certain days, depending on the last number of your registration plate, this despite my Montero being exempt due to the gas conversion installed. I went to theContinue reading “I\’m Going to Scream…”

Taking Life a Little More Leisurely

After my last post, Marcela received a \’threatening\’ message from one of the Witches (sorry… Daughters) below, as they had heard our washing machine going, and run out to check on the water leak, and found it still leaking, she had also had a go about our hedge overgrowing their lane, and they would hackContinue reading “Taking Life a Little More Leisurely”

Good Deed for the Day!

The problems with the water continue, on Sunday, the water pressure was low again, no hot water, so sent a message to the Boss, heard nothing, but later on a Worker from the Company arrived (Good for a Sunday) and promptly snapped the valve lever to adjust the water, at the meter, so off heContinue reading “Good Deed for the Day!”

It\’s a crazy world!

We collected the car on Monday evening, minus the seat etc. as Hernan\’s \’friend\’ had not wanted to give him the parts, I can understand why, he would not have got as much money from him! So we arranged to return today at 10am, so the carpet, seat etc. could be put back, in theContinue reading “It\’s a crazy world!”