We Have Been a Bit Preoccupied!

OK, so what has been happening over the last couple of days, well Colombia as a whole has been suffering from water problems, and not a lack of it. A bit further north in Ituango, the Medellin based and owned Power Company EPM are building the biggest Dam in the country, and the other dayContinue reading “We Have Been a Bit Preoccupied!”

No work at the house today!

Not much to report today, we planned on leaving the house at 9am, and the man arrived with our security fence for the rear of the house, about 8.20am, he had brought all the materials, so that John\’s men could cement in the posts, and he was returning next week to erect the fence itself,Continue reading “No work at the house today!”


This morning the three of us (Marcela, Henri and myself)  were up and out for 9am, we stopped off at the metal Fabricators, and the doors were ready but the paint was wet, they suggested we return for 11.30am to collect them. We then headed for the house, stopping off to buy another gas cylinder,Continue reading “Disappointing!”