Not a lot to Report!

The weather is still up and down,  ranging from tropical sunshine, sweltering without a breeze, to sun with high winds, to torrential rain, it really doesn\’t help when you want to work outside. I have made a start, it doesn\’t seem two and a half years since I rebuilt the kiosko in the garden, butContinue reading “Not a lot to Report!”

Time to bring you up to date!

I guess the most important point to make, is that moving was definitely the right decision for me, Marcela has made my life, in many ways, and for that she will always have my love. In October, I decided we needed a carport, not so much for the rain, but to give the cars aContinue reading “Time to bring you up to date!”


Yesterday, we headed over to Bello, and picked up the security camera, on the way we saw that we were going to be out a long time, the flow of traffic on the autopista in the homebound direction, was static, which only meant one thing, a fatal accident! From Bello it was back to NiquiaContinue reading “Bummer!”