That\’s more like it!!

It has been a full day for both of us, Marcela has spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom, I on the other hand, have been doing a variety of tasks. Firstly, I decided that we are due for the inspection of the Septic Tank, in order to get our ten yearContinue reading “That\’s more like it!!”

It can only get better

It\’s been a day I rather put behind me, thank goodness it is nearly over! The lad arrived from the Carpenters at 7am, and thought he was going to work upstairs…wrong, Marcela was still asleep, so I told him, he would have to complete the downstairs jobs, whilst I woke her up. We have hadContinue reading “It can only get better”

No enthusiasm!

I have top admit to not having done much today… I just couldn\’t summon up much enthusiasm! Mauricio arrived fairly early to cut down the part of the Mango tree, causing problems with the kiosk As you can see, the tree was causing a problem for the kiosk, I suspect from the roof timbers, thatContinue reading “No enthusiasm!”