All Quiet

It\’s all quiet on the Western Front, we went to the meeting at the Inspeccion de la Policia, and to \’resolve\’ the problem , they bound everyone over to keep the peace, which is fine by me, but the other family were not so happy, as two of them were there, and they were toldContinue reading “All Quiet”

Busy Week

This morning it was another crack of dawn rising, these 5am starts are becoming too regular! Marcela came with me, and I was at the Doctors for 6.40am, both to go over my Psychiatric report, and the blood tests, which although fine for the Shrink, were high in some areas, and the Doc thinks thatContinue reading “Busy Week”

Life Goes On

This has turned into a house of bad luck! the problems continue… On Wednesday morning, I went for my appointment with a Psychiatrist, he believes that my memory problem is caused by depression, brought on by our current problems, if he is right, then all should come right, when we move, we now have anContinue reading “Life Goes On”

Getting There!

The bronchitis is clearing slowly, too slowly for my patience, but I should be grateful it was not worse. Today was the day I had to attend the Inspección de la Policía in the Town Hall, for the \’audiencía\’ (interview) along with the neighbour, over their allegation that I had phoned complaining about their parking.Continue reading “Getting There!”